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  • We began by promoting independent authors, but we will change our focus.
  • Our growth had been fueled by authors. However, we must now court readers.
  • There are over 1,200 books by independent authors in our catalog. It will be our mission to find readers who will enjoy them.
  • Readers form the backbone of the literary industry. Without them, there is no incentive for writers to write.
  • Industries thrive through innovation. seeks to spur innovation in the literary industry that benefits those without connections.
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Since the inception of, our primary focus has been to promote authors, and help them promote themselves. Although our intent behind this website is to bring all parties together who have an interest in literature so they can promote their own interests – whether they are authors, agents, editors, etc. – the growth of this website has been fueled primarily by authors. Every author wants an audience for their work, and they are always looking for venues to promote their writing. As such, we have been more than welcoming and have actively courted them. But that focus will now change.

We need readers! People who read books form the backbone of the literary industry. They are the people who consume the material that authors create, and without them the literary industry cannot exist. In business, there will be no supply without demand. If people do not want something, there is no incentive for others to provide them with it. Thus, if there are no readers looking for material to read, writers and authors will have no incentive to write books for them to read.

Some writers write for the love of writing, while others cater to what they think readers want to read. Regardless of the motive of the writer, wants to attract readers to the written works of our members. Our growing catalog of over 1,200 books by the independent authors who are members of this website proves that we have become a trusted source among authors seeking to promote their work. It is part of our stated mission to provide a forum for those involved in the literary industry to promote their careers. Therefore it is thus incumbent upon us to find readers to read the books of our members.

Who Were Our First Members?
When began, there were few authors among our members. We are grateful to those few authors for taking a chance on a new website, and entrusting us with their books and personal information in exchange for us providing a forum for them to promote their work. As time transpired, more authors joined this website. That not only increased our membership, but expanded our catalog of books that readers can explore and purchase.

Although it may be hard for new authors to attract readers for their books, there is no shortage of people who are looking for books to read. Books have been around for millenniums, and they will continue to be around for many millenniums into the future. Whether the book is in the form of a physical hardcopy, paperback, e-Book, or some medium that has not yet been created, there will always be books available for people to read, and there will be readers who want to read them. An artist will always produce, but their motivation will always be inspired by the desire of others to consume the works they create. Began a Literary Revolution
In the mid-1990s, books were only sold through brick and mortar bookstores, mail order catalogs, and book clubs. There was no such thing as Internet book sales because the Internet was new and in its infancy. Then along came Jeff Bezos, who left his job in corporate America to create a company that sold books through the Internet. Moving across the United States from New York to Seattle, he created his new company and named it

Breaking away from a stable job to pursue an idea with a lack of certainty takes a lot of nerve. Bezos had an idea that he wanted to pursue with no guarantee of success. That was based on the idea that people would purchase books through the new medium called the Internet. The company was incorporated in 1994, and began its operations in Bezos’s garage as an online store. Initial sales were minute compared to what they would eventually become.

During its early years, grew but lost money. But that did not stop its progress. In 2003 it became profitable for the first time, nearly a decade after it commenced operations. As of the writing of this essay, is one of the 100 largest publicly traded companies in the world.

When Bezos envisioned the idea to sell books on the Internet while the Internet was in its infancy, he took a chance. There was no guarantee that his vision for would succeed. Yet he continued to pursue it, even as the company lost money. And as time transpired, the fortunes of were reversed. The company became profitable, and it has become one of the world’s largest companies. That shows how a good idea can succeed as long as those pursuing it do not give up, even if the idea initially struggles. is an example of that.

We are Refocusing on Readers
Just as created a literary revolution, we want to lead a revolution in how the “little guy” is viewed. By little guy, we mean independent authors. Although we welcome those who are part of the traditional literary publishing industry into our membership, this website exists to help people succeed who do not have connections to the literary mainstream.

As stated earlier, our initial focus when this website began was on attracting writers. Books form the basis of literature, and they are the primary product that this website promotes. All of the actors involved in the literary industry who we court as members have some relationship with books. They either write, edit, promote, or publish books. That made them the primary focus to fuel our initial growth.

Now that we have built a catalog containing many different indie books spanning a variety of genres and topics, we must attract people to read them.

We want our members to be successful, and our means of helping you succeed is through making this website beneficial to you. If you are an author, we will do that by attracting readers who are interested in purchasing and reading your books. This will become our focus into the near future, which will facilitate our next stage of growth.

The Literary Revolution Continues
Just as Jeff Bezos had a vision for that revolutionized the way that books are sold, our vision for seeks to revolutionize the role of independent authors in the literary industry. Although there are stories of how successful mainstream authors have become, the struggle to reach that level is often forgotten. Before succeeding, mainstream authors became dedicated to their craft which was expressed by them enduring years of hard work, and being rejected many times before they achieved success. This website exists to help independents reach that level without experiencing all of those hardships.

The mainstream publishing industry acts as an institution that determines which written works are worthy of being presented to the masses. However, by doing that, it acts as a barrier to many readers having the chance to read books by indie authors. Agents are reluctant to review works from authors they have never heard of unless those authors are referred to them. And many established publishers refuse to review and publish works from unknown authors. This exclusivity says nothing about the quality of the written works.

This website is for the authors who have not been accepted by the mainstream literary industry.
The works of many indie authors are just as good as those of mainstream authors. After all of the work that you put into writing your book, you deserve the opportunity to have your book read by your target audience and others who will find your book interesting. is a forum you can use to promote your work and attract readers who are ready to absorb your words. That is accomplished by not only becoming a member, but through regular participation in your discussion forum, blogs, and other features we offer. By adding your book to our catalog, you are entrusting us with helping you succeed. We will help you accomplish that by finding readers to enjoy your book. That will help you develop a following so that you can one day take the literary world by storm.

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