Stands in Solidarity with Black People

Posted by Webmaster stands in solidary with Black people against police oppression. We grieve for the tragic loss of George Floyd, who was murdered by a former officer of the Minneapolis Police Department.

Since the creation of the United States of America, Black people in this country have been treated as second-class citizens. Beginning with their kidnapping from Africa and enslavement in the United States, and their continued oppression after slavery ended in the form of Jim Crow Laws, people in this country have treated Blacks as if they do not belong here. And although the situation has improved, racism continues as witnessed by the inhumane act of kneeling on a man's neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds, which resulted in George Floyd's death.

Justice should be equal under the law. It is intended to be that way. Unfortunately, there are corrupted individuals who enter the law enforcement profession who should not have been hired. In their interactions with Black people, they act upon their subtle and overt hatred of Blacks. That needs to change. supports police reform. Law enforcement agencies must work to ensure that they only hire people who are suitable to perform the job of policing America's diverse communities. But they cannot do it alone. We must assist them first by calling out people in our daily interactions who express racist and discriminatory views, letting them know they are wrong and that we do not agree with them.

It is incumbent upon us to get involved in the political process by voting and making our views on police reform known to our council people and mayors. We must let them know who we want to police our neighborhoods so that they hire a righteous police chief who will only hire honest and honorable officers. Additionally, we must vote for the right sheriff who can hire and properly supervise the deputies who will run our jails, and who will patrol our neighborhoods the way that we want them to. Furthermore, we must also vote into office legislators who will enact the legislation that we want to govern our lives. Lastly, we must also vote for district attorneys who will be willing to prosecute corrupt officers, sheriff deputies, and other White men, instead of make excuses for them when White men murder Black men as occurred in the Ahmaud Arbery situation, along with many others.

Only when these reforms take place will America begin to achieve its greatness. But in order to do that, it is incumbent upon us to call out racism and its practitioners, and ensure that our elected representatives do their jobs and hold corrupt law enforcement personnel accountable.

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